It Must Have Been An Answered Prayer

They left. But then you came.

God must have heard me. I used to pray and ask Him if he could send me at least just one true person to be with. And He just did. I found someone like you who could be my very own 911. My all in one buddy.

…but that’s all we’ll ever be.



I’m blogging right now because I don’t know who to share my feelings at the moment. I am the type of person who dislike sharing anything private or personal about my life. But once I see you’re a true and trustworthy person I won’t hesitate to share my problems or worries. But since I don’t have someone to share with my worries, I am here blogging it right now.

They say alone is a state of being. And loneliness is a state of mind. Am I afraid of both? No. I’m not afraid of being alone. But I am afraid of the loneliness consuming me. Yes, it’s consuming me sometimes. And has been consuming me for the past weeks.

I thought I am already okay. I thought I am already fine because I have reconciled with my parents which I have been praying and hoping for. I thought I am completely fine without a man in my life. I thought I am already contented of having and meeting just a few friends at a time. Pero akala ko lang pala iyon. Because right now, I am not okay. I am not fine. I am not contented.

I long for something. For someone. Not a man to be with. But a circle of TRUE FRIENDS. Friends where I can be with anytime. Friends I can ask to tag along with on weekend outings, shopping or simply dining out without hesitating to say yes. Friends who I can share my worries without being judgmental. Friends who are within my reach.

Nainggit ako sa iba. Dahil may mga kasama sila kung saan sila pumunta. Kasama maghike, magtravel, magbeach. May natatawag silang barkada o tropa. Yung totoo talaga. Pero ako? I can only go out with just two or three people. I know I have to be thankful dahil at least may mga kasama akong ganoon. Pero iba pa rin yung taon mo na talagang kilala at nakasama sana. Yung bond na binuo nyo ng ilang taon. Kung may fixed lang talaga akong circle of friends, hindi ako mahihirapan siguro ng ganito. Hindi ako makakaramdam ng ganito.

I’m really longing for that feeling. I’m longing to meet people who will accept the whole me. I’m longing to hear such warm and inviting words. I want to feel I belong.

If others have it, why can’t I?


Korea in Philippines!

Shoot. Travel. Eat.

Do you want to experience Korea in Philippines? Visit Korean Temple in Pooc II, Silang Cavite. My friend and I visited the temple last Friday. It’s a perfect place for those who want to relax and take pictures. 😊


  • From Robinsons Pala-pala, ride any bus as long as the signboard says Tagaytay.
  • Ask to be dropped off in Estrella Hospital, Silang Cavite.
  • Ride a tricycle in 711 and ask the driver to drop you off to Korean Temple.


  • The tric fare costs us 100php (good for 2)
  • It’s a 10-15 minute ride to the temple
  • No entrance fee
  • Present one valid ID to the temple guard
  • Not allowed to hangout at the playground
  • Not allowed to enter the temple

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This morning, I happen to visit one of my Facebook friend’s profile. I can’t and won’t mention the name so let me name this person “CHOCO” (just a random name) 😂

Upon browsing Choco’s timeline, all I can see are rants about life, other people, and job. After reading, I thought that…he/she is not the person I thought he/she were.

Yeah, I was quite disappointed because Choco was very nice to me. In fact, we became quite close before. I know that I do not have the right to judge this person since we haven’t met in person and I do not really know much about Choco, but Choco’s posts reflect his/her personality. Therefore, I am judging Choco based on his/her timeline posts.

Scrolling down, reading more of Choco’s post, realization hit me. Some people, when they ask and pray for something and is not given to them, they become upset. But when given and granted, they start to COMPLAIN.

“Why like this? Why like that? I am tired of this! I can’t do it anymore! Give me a break!

Then when they lose it, when it’s taken away, they blame Him or other people for their lost when in fact it was their fault!

Some people, REALLY, rather than show appreciation and gratitude on the blessings they were given, they take it for granted. And worse, do nothing but COMPLAIN.


How I wish I’d have the courage to share this thought with Choco. To tell him/her, “Will you please stop complaining? You’re already blessed for having what you have right now. Why? Because other people don’t. But you…you have it. So instead of ranting, complaining, and acting tardy, get up and work your ass off! If you can’t handle your duties and responsibilities, then just quit. There are many people out there who are far more deserving for the position you have right now.”

But based on his/her personality, based on his/her posts, I’m afraid I cannot tell him/her that. Choco has a habit of humiliating someone he/she is having an argument with. Yes, in public. 😂 So why bother? My intention is good. What would be for Choco? I will be a fool for trying.



Part 1

We all need that one person to lean on.
Someone to share our insecurities.
That one person who can be your own 911.
Someone who never gets tired listening to your dramas.

We all need that one person who loves and accepts us dearly.
Someone who sees the good side in you rather than your flaws.
That one person who sees your imperfections, flaws, weaknesses, yet still think you’re amazing.
Someone who does not judge you based on what they’ve heard or have been told.